Dhikala Adventures

If you haven’t seen Dhikala; you’ve missed everything!

Dhikala, spooky name in itself! It’s a forest lodge that is run and managed by Forest Department, Uttarakhand. Dhikala FRH is among the most remote Locations inside the Corbett tiger reserve. It is said that no visit to Corbett National Park is complete without a stay at Dhikala FRH. Corbett Tiger Reserve in itself is located in the core area of Corbett National Park. To reach Dhikala one has to reach Ramnagar first. Then one has to get the documents verified at the Corbett tiger reserve front office in Ramnagar. The entry gate for Dhikala is Dhangadi gate. You have to show your permits to forest guards here at this point.

Dhikala is located 28kms from the main gate at Dhangiri. This 28 Kilometers journey from Dhangadi gate to Dhikala is full of adventures. Its location at core area of Corbett National Park made it a perfect place to stay for any wildlife enthusiast. It will take around 01 Hr to 01 Hr 15 Mins to cover this distance.


Dhikala FRH needs to be booked 45 days in advance.


Corbett National Park as one of the best wildlife parks on our planet. It is the oldest wildlife national park in India, established way back in 1936 A.D. Named after the great hunter later turned into nature conservationist Jim Corbett. Corbett national park is mainly reckoned for its tiger project that is aimed to protect endangered species of Bengal Tiger. Along with tigers, one can find here great varieties of flora and fauna. Others include cheetal, elephant, sambar, neelgai, King cobra, flying foxes, and almost 600 species of birds.


Source: Dhikala, Jim Corbett

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