Agra, It’s Mughal


There’s more to Agra than just the Taj. The city is a virtual gateway to the historic marvels like the ‘Mahabharata’ where it was shown as an extension to Braj Bhoomi, the capital city of Lord Krishna. Agra came into existence during the rule of Sikandar Lodhi who made Agra his capital and in 1526 A.D. The Mughal Emperor Babar gave a unique character to the city. Later the city was ruled by the very famous Mughal emperors like Akbar, Jehangir and Shah Jahan.


The biggest attraction of Agra is the Famous Taj Mahal. It was built by Emperor Shah Jahan as a memorial to his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Master craftsmen were invited to build this world famous tribute to love. This magnificent mausoleum, took 22 years to complete with the help of approx 20000 workers. The Taj Mahal’s history and craftsmanship has made this archeological marvel a world heritage site crowned by UNESCO. It is one of the wonders of the world.

The city of Agra is divided into two parts – the old and the new. Today, luxury and modern convenience exist adjacent to tradition. There are a number of luxury hotels and shopping malls. The city is surprisingly peaceful at night and there are not many people on streets, chaotic otherwise it is.


Agra is a city in western Uttar Pradesh and is known for many things. Agra is the city of Mughal Architecture. There are many attractions like Sikandra fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Footwear Market, the Mental Hospital and food delicacies including the Petha which is what Agra is famous for. The Taj Mahal being the most famous is flocked by international tourists throughout the year, mostly during winter months.

Places to see in Agra
• The Agra Fort
• Chini Ka Rauza
• Samadh of Soamiji Maharaj
• Ram Bagh
• Taj Nature Walk
• Mehtab Bagh
• Itimad-ud-daula’s : Tomb (Baby Taj)
• Sikandra – Tomb of Akbar the Great
• Mariyam’s Tomb
• Red Taj Mahal- Catholic Cemetery.
• Jama Masjid
• Bauddhmath –  it’s a monastery Near Agra Fort Bus stand.
• There are number of Hindu Temples, Gurudwaras, Churches, Mosques and Jain Temples.


Agra and Beyond
• Soor Sarovar Sanctuary (Keetham Lake) 23 km.
• Fatehpur Sikri (39 km.)
• Mathura-Vrindavan (56 km.)
• Bateswar (70Km.)
• Chambal Safari:(October-March) (80Kms on Fatehabad Road)

Agra is located approx 200 kilometres from Delhi and can be reached from two alternative routes. The old Faridabad route and the Greater Noida – Agra Expressway. Agra Expressway is the shortest in terms of travel time. It takes less than 3 hours to cover this distance of 200 kilometres form Delhi which is otherwise a hectic 4-5 hours drive through the chaotic cities of Faridabad and Mathura.


Taj Mahal is best viewed in the early morning hours and at the full moon night.

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