First View of the Morning at Khirsu

If you wish to experience Chaukhamba from the right corners, look no further than Khirsu which is a very small and peaceful setting in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand India.


Khirsu is very near to Pauri district which is also a well known town in the Uttarakhand hills. It offers view points from where the himalayas can be observed very clearly without any obstruction.


This place is not much far from the capital and is also very accessible as a getaway option for those who are looking for a place which is away from the crowd and fast life of our cities.


Though there is not much to do here, but it’s still enough for people who like such peaceful destinations to observe the himalayas and beautiful nature. GMVN is a good option to stay and food is ok. In all we recommend this place.


One can make a combination of different destinations as Khirsu falls in between Lansdowne and Rishikesh. Roads between Lansdowne and Khirsu are narrow at times but offer best of the valley views. Roads from Khirsu to Rishikesh are very good and takes less time to travel. We did Delhi-Lansdowne-Khirsu-Rishikesh Delhi in total 5 days in easy and relaxed mode.


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